Hazard Perception

Once you have completed the theory questions, you will be able to take a short break, before the start of the hazard perception test.

First you will be shown a short tutorial about how the test works.

You will then be shown 14 clips, which will depict various everyday road situations.

In each clip there will be a minimum of one developing hazard [15 in total].

To achieve a high score you must click your mouse in the early stages of a hazard developing. the maximum score available for each hazard is five.

It should be noted that if you react inappropriately during the video clip by clicking your mouse continuously, or in a pattern, your will score zero for that clip.

Once you have finished the test, one of the test centre staff will provide you with your test results.

Remember you must pass both parts of the test to pass

please click the link below to see the dsa  how it works


watch the video – click on link